NYSED CPR and First Aid Training Courses

NYSED CPR & First Aid Training In Utica, NY

Coaches of High-school sports are required to have a Coaching License as well as First Aid, CPR & AED. The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has a limited list of what courses that meet the requirements for CPR/AED/FA as well as provide their own Curriculum which is available through NYSED Authorized Training Providers.

NEEDS Associates LLC d.b.a. "NEMS Training" is a NYSED Authorized Training provider. We can provide the training to NYS Coaches through the NYSED Curriculum or through an accepted Certification Course.

What's the Difference between the NYSED Curriculum and an External Certification Course?

The two are very similar with 2 key differences to factor in. Depending on the certifying entity, an External Certification Course provides certification that is recognized state-wide, nationally and sometimes internationally; meaning you can utilize the training/certification outside of coaching. Examples being that if you have another job or civic position that requires the same type of training, it will also cover that need.

The NYSED Curriculum for Coaches First Aid, CPR & AED, is just that; it is specifically geared towards coaches in NYS, covers incidents and policies in coaching, and while a certificate is issued, only recognized by NYSED. This option is usually shorter course times and a good option if you're only getting the training for your Coaching duties.

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