The time to train and get educated in First Aid and CPR was yesterday!


We have all gotten the notifications from our Healthcare Institutions, and we’ve seen the story of closures and delays in the news. As the COVID Pandemic steams forward, we continue to see the effects in our infrastructure.

Delays in seeing our Primary Care Providers are becoming more common place on top of seeing Urgent Care Centers move to scheduled appointment and Emergency Rooms have even longer wait times than we have seen in years past.

The prime time to get training and education in First Aid and CPR has since passed; but… that doesn’t mean you have to sit and suffer while the wait continues to get into a Health Care Providers office. The common place Initial Care training and Basic First Aid classes available; while a great start to building foundational knowledge and to provide care until halp arrive or you get into a healthcare facility in short time, they are a shortfall in providing skills and knowledge to deal with the extended times we face now.

NorthEast Emergency, Disaster & Safety Associates, LLC is here for you in the chaos to help you get the training and education that is needed. The Instructors at NEEDS Associates are busy putting together classes that they feel will serve their clients and the community.

Building upon the foundations of Basic First Aid, we will be scheduling and offering Responding To Emergencies, also known as Comprehensive First Aid or Advanced First Aid Courses. These classes offer in-depth First Aid training for the non-EMS provider. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the EMS Industry, our instructors will provide an additional emphasis in better recognition of emergency situations, longer term self-care & aid to others, and more hands-on skills time to help you build confidence in your abilities.

While these classes do not take the place of Definitive Health Care services nor do they train you to be an EMT/Paramedic, Nurse or Doctor; the classes will prepare you to be better able to manage an illness or injury during these unprecedented long wait times to get in to see a health care provider while also having a better understanding of when you should call for emergency services through 911.

-Turner, M (2021)